Here are education resources from the Wheels of Time Kingston project. Some are designed for Key Stage 1 and others for Key Stage 2. They cover a range of topics including local history, design, local geography, fashion and the women’s movement. A short animated video has been produced to show children to give an overall background to cycling in the Borough of Kingston.

The Work Sheets have been produced with colour and black and white versions for photocopying.

The Teachers resources have background information on the topics

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Teachers' Resources

Information on Eileen Gray – pioneering woman cyclist (lived in Kingston)

Information on John ‘Happy Jack’ Keen – World High Wheeler Champion (lived in Surbiton

Information on the Surbiton High Wheeler Race Track (Supports to John ‘Happy Jack’ Keen and Victorian Cycling)

Information on Local Victorian Cycling Clubs

The Women’s Cycling Revolution – 4 sheets

Information on the Tolworth Tudors (Local Cycling Club)

Interview with Eileen Gray - Interview talking about her breakthrough into cycling

The Beginning of Women’s Cycling – Interview with Eileen Gray about the development of women’s cycling